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Over generations, the origin of the word NURI has been associated with the description of “something truly beautiful”, “bright as a light”, “unique”. As a synonym for the characteristics by which we evaluate the best sardine, we can identify a Sardine worthy of becoming a “NURI” by the shape of its body, the brightness of the eyes, the uniqueness of its scales, but above all because of our experience, respect and dedication since 1920. The NURI brand has a world cultural heritage of paramount importance due to its uniqueness, authenticity and perceived value to the consumer. As a cultural and exclusive tradition, the originality of each NURI can is passed down from generation to generation like the sardine carefully conceived by the hands of an artist, but which – as a work of art is intended to be appreciated by all in special moments.

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Our Premium Produt is back! – SARDINE ROES

Are you discovering Porto? Come visit us!

Are you discovering Porto? Come and visit us!

CONSERVAS PINHAIS FACTORY TOUR was elected by Travellers’ Choice 2022

CONSERVAS PINHAIS FACTORY TOUR was elected by Travellers’ Choice 2022

The launch of NURI cookbook

The launch of ‘The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook’

The Portuguese European Delegate Manuel Pizarro was challenged to hand wrap a tin of NURI Sardines

NURI launches new Olive oil range: Extra virgin Olive oil and Chili oi

The opening of the Sardine season is a time of celebration and true joy!

We are very proud to share a historic moment for NURI – The opening of the 1st Store