Our manufactory is a small scale cannery based in Portugal (EU), recognized for strictly maintaining a very unique method of artisanal production, based on traditional manual expertise and social responsability. Being small in scale also means we only need to source fish in a sustainable manner and quantity, respecting the established quotas / fishing periods to enable the necessary reproductive cycle of the fish at sea and therefore, it’s sustainability as a wild specie for the future.
Througout the generations – by privileging the human experience and local employment values above unmeasured growth & numbers we have decided to keep this kind of art strictly manual, instead of using machines or taking an industrial/automatization process.
NURI was the brand that was always sent to the markets outside Portugal. Completely hand wrapped, it grew in some specific markets like Austria or the north of Italy. On the other hand the Portuguese restaurants and gourmet shops wanted a different packaging and PINHAIS illustrated tin emerged. We kept tradition and maintained both brands but both are made with the traditional method of production.
Expiration date – date until which foodstuffs are considered to retain their specific properties under the appropriate conservation conditions.
Best before date – date from which it cannot be guaranteed that foodstuffs that are easily perishable, from a microbiological point of view, are fit for consumption.
At the manufactory, every NURI tin is hand wrapped. NURI also pays close attention to sustainabilty when it comes to the packaging. This is why our cans are 100% recycable.
Being wild caught in a natural environment, sardines present different sizes according to it’s development stage, therefore NURI sardines can be found in two formats: 125gr | 4.4oz, which usually contains 3 to 5 sardines. This is the most typical presentation and our best-seller. 90gr | 3.1/6oz , which usually contains 5 to 7 smaller sardines. Less common, its usually prefered by East European consumers, Asian gastronomy and West US.