What does the adventure of traveling around the world taste like?

On board with Captain Gugg, 250 cans of NURI sardines circled the globe in 249 days, sailing without stops or technical assistance. Each of these cans preserves a part of this unique and symbolic story of courage, where fear was never an anchor.


The journey has ended, but the adventure of these cans is just beginning.

NURI, the artisanal sardine

With a selected and limited production, each NURI can symbolise a legacy.

NURI Products


NURI is one of the oldest and most iconic brands of Pinhais & Cª Lda. And why the name NURI? There are two stories… One recounts the reaction of an Arab upon opening a can. Upon seeing how the sardines shimmered, he exclaimed “NURI!” which means bright, a symbol of purity and perfection in his language. For the more romantic, the second story involves one of the company’s founders. As a well-traveled man, he spoke four languages and was responsible for marketing our artisanal sardines in foreign markets. During one of his trips to Spain, he fell in love with a beautiful woman named ‘NURIA.’ Now it’s up to you to choose one of the stories


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With NURI, you can prepare a super quick recipe or a truly surprise for your family and friends with a Michelin-worthy meal.

We are influenced by the flavors, aromas, and creatively presented forms in our preserves. We will share from the simplest to the most elaborate recipes, and we count on you, our fans, to share your recipes with us. Hmm… we can already smell your delicacies!!!

NURI Live Museum at Porto

A unique, vibrant place where the NURI family pours all their love into each can

In the heart of Matosinhos, our ‘manufactory’ is an essential element of the Portuguese canning industry and a global reference in the sector.

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NURI in the world

Avenida Menéres 700, 4450-189 Matosinhos, Portugal
Telf: +351 22 938 00 42